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Selenite Bat Bowl / Plate Crystal Carving - (LOW IN STOCK)

Selenite Bat Bowl / Plate Crystal Carving - (LOW IN STOCK)

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☾ Selenite Bat Bowl / Plate Crystal Carving

☾ Each crystal carving figure looks different and is unique.

☾ Halloween / Samhain inspired collection. 

☾Selenite is a favorite stone not only in our shop, but among many crystal lovers! Selenite, satin spar, desert rose, and gypsum flower are crystal habit varieties of the mineral gypsum. Crystals made up of this mineral vibrate at a high frequency making them powerful healers. There are so many ways to use selenite, one of the most popular properties of this stone is its natural cleaning and charging properties! Selenite will cleanse yourself, your space, and any stones placed on or near it. Selenite can also be used to charge yourself, your space, and any tool you like to use in your craft! You can also place selenite in busy rooms to absorb the negative energy, and promote a more peaceful environment. Selenite brings feelings of peace and calm, while elevating your spirit.

☾ This is a great stone to help unblock energy centers in the body. This stone connects to the crown and third eye chakra to aid in the free flow of energy, allowing you to tap into the messages that are meant for you! For this reason this stone is great to use during meditation, as it helps to cleanse, protect, and unblock energy centers. It can also be used to access your intuition, calms the spirit, and provide clarity in confusing situations. Selenite can also be used to add a boost to your manifestations! An overall powerhouse of a stone selenite is a must have for anyone on a spiritual journey!

☾*DO NOT water cleanse selenite as it will dissolve in the water!*

☾Legal Disclaimer: The items at MoonlightandSage are hand-crafted special and should be used with intention of the buyer, spell jars are not to be used or are intended to be used in replacement of professional advice such as medical, legal, psychological, or business.