Orders take 10-14 Business Days to process before they are shipped. If your order includes a custom oil/item or waist beads, please allow an extra 30 Business Days for processing. We do not count weekends, federal or observed holidays as business days.

About Us

Anastasia Bonnett is a spiritualist and influencer who created Moonlight and Sage in 2020 from her apartment. In April 2021 we moved Stassi's small business from her apartment to a small studio to ship e-commerce products. Fast forward to 2022, now we have a team of 10 people and we opened our retail store in Oceanside, California on July 1, 2022!

moonlight and sage oceanside california witch metaphyscial shop crystals

We have an online shop and a retail store. Our address is: 401 N Coast Hwy Suite 111, Oceanside, CA 92054. 

We are so blessed to be supported by every one of you. Anastasia created this retail shop so she could fill it with things that she was never able to find at metaphysical stores growing up. As Anastasia says, "Honestly it’s wild that I get to do this as a job and I NEVER would have guessed it. Something I was hush hush about until it became my whole life in what seemed like overnight. Thank you for trusting me and allowing me to work and grow."

"My shop is truly for the occultist, anyone who is looking to get closer with their ancestors, the badass witches who need supplies for their real ass workings," says AnastasiaMoonGirl.

Thank you for your support! Blessed be.

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Anastasia is a social media influencer with nearly 1 million followers across her social media channels. If you're a brand, want to collaborate, work together on sponsored content, or send product for consideration, please email collabanastasiamoon@gmail.com. Anastasia focuses on spiritualism, fashion, gluten-free dining, and luxury travel. She is available to create sponsored content, videos, Instagram Stories, Reels, TikToks, and more.

Moonlight and Sage Shop Anastasia Bonnett 401 North Coast Highway Suite 111 Oceanside, Calfornia 92054