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Lepidolite Gemstone Bracelet - Small Beads

Lepidolite Gemstone Bracelet - Small Beads

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☾ Lepidolite Gemstone Bracelet - Small Beads

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☾Each crystal is unique and differs from one another.

☾ Lepidolite is a gorgeous stone both physically and emotionally! This stone activates and opens the throat, heart, and third eye chakras. This stone is a Phyllosilicate mineral from the mica group and it can come in shades of lilac, pink and even purple-grey! This stone is soft and brittle in its raw form, and can only be cut and shaped when found in larger quartz bodies. Lepidolite is not an uncommon stone, but finding it transformed and shaped is rare!

☾ Known for bringing feelings of joy and calm, this stone aids in soothing feelings of anxiety. Lepidolite aids in calming the mind and dispelling obsessive thoughts. Allowing you to stand in your own thoughts without outside influence this is a great stone for letting go of dependencies. You can also place this stone in your space to aid in insomnia!

☾ Lepidolite is known as the ‘stone of transition” because it is known for soothing the soul and helping us release stagnant energies and behaviors that are no longer serving us. This stone also is great for simulating your intellectual and analytical quality, and aid in decision making.

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