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Into the Depths Siren Sea Spelled Waist Beads  - Tidal Wave

Into the Depths Siren Sea Spelled Waist Beads - Tidal Wave

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One strand of waist beads - Spelled Waist Beads Into the Depths Siren Sea Spelled Beads - Tidal Wave (Blue, Turquoise, and Iridescent beads)

☾ Please note: these are made to order and spelled by Anastasia. Please allow time for these to be made and spelled. Please allow at least 14 Business Days to process. We don't count weekends or holidays as Business Days. Since these  are made to order and have to be spelled by Anastasia, there may be an additional 7 - 10 Business Days for Anastasia to work on that.

☾ Please note: Waist beads are handmade and spelled to order. Please take accurate measurements before purchasing as we do not accept returns or exchanges due to an error in ordering. 

☾ Into the Depths Siren Waist Beads. Personally hand crafted and spelled by Anastasia. These waist beads are intuitively picked, as they are individually made and spelled, all of these beads are ocean inspired. Just pick the waist size by inch that you would like. If you do not see your size don’t stress! I have a custom listing - let us know what size you’d like Anastasia will make them! 

☾ Please see photos for an idea of what colors may look like. These waist beads do not include shells.

☾ If you need a custom size please order here.

☾ These waist beads are pre spelled and can be warn by both practitioners and non, they come prepared and Imbued with energy. 

MEASURING TIP- depending on how you want these to fit and what the purpose of them might be for you personally, you can measure yourself tight to your body right in the middle of your waist, below your belly button, or right on your hip bones!

For accurate measurements we recommend using a measuring tape to ensure a perfect fit. As these are made to order and cannot be returned or exchanged.

Center the measuring tape just above your belly button with the measuring tape starting at 0 and wrap around your waist until you completely wrap it around yourself meeting back at your center. The number meeting the zero will be your correct size. To ensure a comfortable fit make sure you are relaxed and that the measuring tape is parallel to the ground with no twists in it. For lower or higher sitting waist beads repeat the above process in the desired area.

☾ These beads are spelled ton bring in more luring power, immense sexual appeal, dominance, desire, temptation, enchanting, power. Calling all sirens. You want to be charming, alluring, dominating? Want to disarm people? These sets are  all about pulling or dragging someone with appeal, control, power, and allure, pulling them into the depths, alluring, tempting, and captivating them. 

☾ Legal Disclaimer: The items at MoonlightandSage are hand-crafted special and should be used with intention of the buyer, spell jars are not to be used or are intended to be used in replacement of professional advice such as medical, legal, psychological, or business.