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Aphrodite Touch Ritual Spell Oil (Personal Power Anointing Oil)

Aphrodite Touch Ritual Spell Oil (Personal Power Anointing Oil)

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☾ Aphrodite Touch Oil (Personal Power Anointing Oil).

☾ This Aphrodite oil is hand crafted and spelled to enhance your personal power! This is to add charisma, charm, allure, sexual desire, and fantasy into your life! 

☾ Some Ways To Use This Oil: This Aphrodite oil can be used on your skin, during any spell work, as anointing oil, on spell dolls, spell jars to strengthen them, etc! Add some oil to your palm or fingers and braid a small braid in your hair. See one way how Anastasia uses Aphrodite Oil in this TikTok video.

☾ The Aphrodite oil is an alluring oil but also for self-power! Aphrodite helps me with self care and self worth. So this oil can bring all of that - it's great for confidence, self empowerment, gives you that confidence boost and being able to step in that power. Stand in your power and know that you are the shit. You matter what you have to say or do matters and it's yours. I love that oil so much. She smells delicious too.

Anastasia has a post on Patreon for Self-Worth Affirmation and Candle Spell for Aphrodite.

 How to use: These oils can be used on your body, in baths, anoint candles, during spell work, on tag locks or dolls, and more! Put some in your bath water or use it for focusing on personal intentions. You can use this is so many ways! We always recommend doing a patch test on the skin before applying. 

☾ All Ritual Spell Oils are handcrafted, spelled, and made to order by Anastasia. Thank you for your patience!

☾*This oil is lightly scented with fragrance oils**6 month shelf life, store in a cool dark place. Please note you are buying a SPELLED item- a spiritual curio, and not a perfume oil. While all of my oils have yummy scents to them that is not the main point of these oils. If you would like a more perfume oil / oil that’s heavily scented or a certain scent to your spelled oil please order a custom and specifically state the notes you would like. The scents while normally do not change from their regular scent, are subject to change at any time. Sometimes spirit calls for me to change things up. -

☾ Have a question about shipping, international orders, etc? Please check our FAQs first!

☾Legal Disclaimer: The items at MoonlightandSage are hand crafted special should be used with intention of the buyer, spell jars are not to be used or are intended to bused in replacement of professional advice such as medical, legal, psychological, or business. 1oz Bottle